Capital Kabutops (VSカブトプス VS Kabutops) (known as Heads On Kabutops! in Chuang Yi version) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 13.


The first battle is Brock vs. Jasmine. Brock sends his Rock-type Pokémon, while Jasmine does not seem to have a specialization. Once Jasmine's Amphy gets defeated, she and Brock send Onix, though her Onix looks different...

Chapter plot

The first battle goes underway. Brock meets Jasmine, for they were separated in the train. Brock introduces himself and sends Kabutops, claiming he met it when the Pewter Museum was attacked some time ago. Jasmine sends all her Pokémon and chooses Ampharos to fight, surprising Brock she'd reveal all her Pokémon so sudden. Ampharos clashes with Kabutops, as neither side gives up. Erika is concerned, for most Gym Leaders specilaize in a certain type of Pokémon. However, her team is mixed, having a Togetic, two Magneton and a Togetic. Kabutops uses Ancient Power, which knocks Ampharos down.

Brock thinks Ampharos cannot battle any more. Jasmine suspects Brock was looking if she specializes in a type of Pokémon. She lets them know she focuses on Rock-type Pokémon as well, sending an Onix. Brock calls Kabutops back and sends his Onix. Brock feels she is getting serious, but remarks her Onix looks different, somehow. Brock's Onix binds Jasmine's Onix, but for some reason, Brock's Onix gets cracked. Brock wants to know why his Onix takes damage when he is attacking. DJ Mary considers Jasmine to be the "gal of ironwall guard", for she is an expert of defense.

Jasmine's Onix's skin peels off. Erika realizes that is not even Onix. This Onix reveals its true form and crunches Brock's Onix, defeating it. Jasmine admits this is actually a "Metal Snake Pokémon", Steelix. Brock is surprised, for that is Onix's evolved form. Oak appears on the screen, explaining the viewers this is Steelix, who is a Steel-type Pokémon. With a help of a trainer, they managed to capture some and remarks Magnemite, Magneton and Skarmory are also Steel-type Pokémon. Jasmine lets them know Onix's body becomes hard as steel after it lives a hundred years.

Brock asks Jasmine why didn't she reveal Steelix in the beginning of the fight. Jasmine simply replies Steelix would just show off, it would be unfair against her opponent, baffling Brock.




Ancient Power


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