Oh, It's Ho-Oh! (VSホウオウ VS Ho-Oh) (known as The Mightiest Ho-Oh in Chuang Yi version) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


As the Indigo League is about to start, the Masked Man makes his next move. Planning on coming to the Indigo League, he goes to meet up with a Legendary Pokémon that owes him a favor.

Chapter plot

Somewhere, Ken, Al and Harry get tortured, for Sham and Carl entrusted them with the Invisible Bell to catch Suicune, but they failed. Suddenly, they see the new Team Rocket's leader, the Masked Man. He comes and begins to freeze them. Carl and Sham explain the Masked Man is the master of ice, who knows well these are the reamnants of former Team Rocket organization. The Masked Man entrusts Sham and Carl with a new mission: to lead Team Rocket to its former glory.

Carl shouts to the grunts the order. The Masked Man counts people will be shocked when they hear Team Rocket is renewed. He plans to make this debut in Indigo League. The Masked Man leaves, going to the Indigo League itself. Meanwhile, the Super Nerd, Miles, has Persian battle the Camper Evan's Haunter. Persian uses Faint Attack, but Haunter hypnotises it to sleep and defeats Persian with Nightmare. They are called to the stage, for they were training. They register for the League, though Miles wishes he gathered the Gym Badges to skip the preliminary rounds.

Evan thinks getting all badges is impossible, even in Kanto. He also knows nobody has gathered from the Johto area as well. Still, they take the seat to watch the battles of the Gym Leaders. The director announces the opening of the Indigo League. DJ Mary already reports the events for the Goldenrod Radio station. The director presents Red, the previous winner of Indigo League. However, Red is not present at the moment. Instead, the director presents the video of Red and Blue battling, which displeases the viewers.

The director presents the battles of the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders, for everyone should look forward to exciting battles. Meanwhile, the Masked Man flies on Delibird, knowing he will surprise everyone at the League. He remembers well the Ho-Oh statue is glowing at the Burned Tower, symbolyzing the coming of Ho-Oh. However, nobody knows Ho-Oh is coming *today* and that *he* crafted the statue itself. The Masked Man flies up in the sky and meets up with Ho-Oh, haven't seen it in nine years. The Masked Man demands Ho-Oh to join him for the Indigo League and speeds to Ho-Oh.





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