Lovely Lanturn (VSランターン VS Lanturn) (known as Upstream-Swimmer Lanturn in Chuang Yi version) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Misty fights with Suicune, who reveals his purpose. Feeling Red needs help to fight a new force, Misty joins Suicune.

Chapter plot

Misty encounters Suicune, who immediately attacks Starmie, hitting it. Misty sends Lanturn, who fires Hydro Pump. Suicune fires its own Hydro Pump, causing a collision. Misty is amazed how strong Suicune is, seeing it is the strongest Water-type Pokémon. Suddenly, Suicune attacks Misty and Lanturn, pushing them on the waterfall, where Lanturn is hanging from by using Waterfall. Misty demands the reason why Suicune is attacking her. Suicune jumps and attacks Lanturn; Misty admits Suicune is strong, but tells him Lanturn cannot lose here, as the two go to attack. Brock and Erika try to find Misty, though Erika receives a note from the Pokémon Association the Gym Leaders have to fight each other. Erika notices someone fighting in the waterfall. They suspect it is Misty, but do not see whom is she fighting against. They think they should help her, but a blast is made out of the water. Erika and Brock go to help Misty and her opponent, who fell into the river.

Misty hears Suicune talking, who tells her an evil force is coming and he needs a partner. Misty asks why she, so Suicune replies she is the master of Water-type Pokémon and has risked her life to save one. Misty thinks if Red were to be informed of this evil force, he'd rush in, ignoring his wounds. This time, she promises to fight with Red and accepts Suicune's offer. Misty swims back, meeting up with Erika and Brock, who were worried. They ask whom was she fighting, but Misty laughs and points at her Poké Ball. She is confident, however, knowing she is needed for something.

Erika shows her the message, making Misty pleased the Gym Leader tournament is to be held. Erika tells the Johto Gym Leaders have chosen Pryce as their captain. With Goldenrod City as their destination, Brock, Misty and Erika ride Brock's Onix.



Misty's Lanturn


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