Chinchou in Charge (VSチョンチー VS Chinchou) (known as Light Up My Days, Chinchou! in Chuang Yi version) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


The Gym Leaders are gathering and head towards Johto. In an expedition with Brock and Erika, Misty falls down, though her Starmie tries to save them. She sees a Krabby and has to rescue it. However, Krabby instead rescues Misty, who is about to be challenged by a familiar Pokémon.

Chapter plot

Suicune, however, is nearly at his decision who will be his master, as he stands near Tohjo Ruins. He just needs to battle a worthy one. Misty, Brock and Erika travel near Tohjo Ruins. Brock spots the bridge is destroyed, so Erika thinks they need to take a longer route. Brock has a better idea, sending Onix to serve as the bridge. Brock asks why couldn't they take the S.S. Aqua ship. Erika replies the ship is not on the traveling schedule it is supposed to. They still need to reach the gathering of the Gym Leaders, for it is important, though Brock wishes the train system to be finished.

Misty is in a thought, but snaps out. They are suddenly attacked by Zubat and a Kabutops to battle them. However, Onix loses the footing and the bridge collpses, causing to Misty fall off from the bridge into the water. Misty's Starmie pulls her, but Misty notices a Krabby in the water and needs to save it. In Goldenrod City, however, Bill has been informed the Kanto Gym Leaders are to gather in Goldenrod City and wishes to know the purpose of this. Suddenly, they are attacked by a Sharpen Ball, as Janine and her Ariados appear. The director replies they are here because of Gym Badges, the proof the trainer has defeated the Gym Leader in respective Gym.

They decided should one acquire them all, they can enter the Pokémon League unconditionally. Bill thinks it is a great idea, for experienced trainers can skip the preliminary rounds. The director reminds them the Gym Badges have been used for dark deeds, so they should be given a new purpose: a proof of a trainer's bravery. And that is the first reason. Outside, Blue is waiting, Lt. Surge travels via the ship and Sabrina is having a bath. Misty, however, wakes up and finds herself beyond the waterfalls. She sees Krabby and thanks it for saving her. She also remembers she obtained Krabby from Red. However, she also remembers Red was also talking with Yellow and was saddened at that sight.

She thinks Red, after he battled the Elite Four, had his limbs injured. Misty hopes he is recovering currently. She sees something approaching, so sends Chinchou. Chinchou illuminates the cave, revealing the figure to be Suicune.




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