Curious Kingdra (VSキングドラ VS Kingdra) (known as Water-Riding Kingdra in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Gold, Silver and Crystal see Lugia has been caught by someone else, the same one who disturbed it. While Gold and Crystal get an invitation from Prof. Oak, Silver goes to a hidden place, where he meets his master.

Chapter plot

Gold and Crystal were certain Lugia was caught. Silver admits they underestimated Lugia. Gold is annoyed, though his cue breaks in pieces. Crystal suspects Lugia escaped when they were blinded by the light. Crystal shows them her Pokédex, the tracking system, which can locate Lugia, who escaped, though Gold and Silver did not know of that feature. Gold admits the serious gal knows well to catch Pokémon. Crystal introduces herself, though Gold pokes his Pokédex for the tracking feature.

Silver climbs up to a cave. Gold and Crystal ask him to help track Lugia down. Silver points inside the cave, where there are footprints, so they suspect this was Lugia's hideout. Crystal heard these four islands could be connected by underwater tunnels. They also see signs of battle, so Silver lets them know someone has fought Lugia and made it angry, hence why it attacked them. Suddenly, the Pokédex yields an error, even if they all combine their Pokédex. They realize someone must've captured Lugia already.

Meanwhile, Lt. Surge comes to his ship, met by his servants. He receives a letter that all Gym Leaders must meet in Goldenrod City. Silver is disgusted someone has captured Lugia even before them. He is certain the same person who caught Lugia attacked him. Crystal advises Silver to call Prof. Oak or Elm. Silver simply flies off with Murkrow, though Crystal is shocked he just goes on his own. Gold feels he'd shout he'd go with Silver, but with a common enemy, he is certain they will cross paths eventually. As they watch Silver fly off, Gold and Crystal realize Yellow and Wilton must be somewhere. Prof. Oak calls Crystal, who panics about the recent events.

However, they are told a meteorologist team is heading here, so they will see Yellow, who is already used to these situations. Oak asks Crystal to go to Indigo League with Gold, but does not know where Gold is. However, Gold greets Oak through Crystal's gear, shocking Oak. Silver, however, descends down on the island where they have not been. Silver sends Kingdra, Feraligatr and Gyarados, who use Whirlpool, Waterfall and Surf to cross through water. Silver kneels down, for he managed to come to the secret room by himself. The man is pleased at Silver's success, who is Lance himself.





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