Lively Lugia III (VSルギア(後編(こうへん)) VS Lugia (Part 3)) (known as Lugia (Part II) in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Gold manages to stop Lugia's Aeroblast. However, Lugia knocks him down. Silver and Crystal find him, but Lugia appears and intends to crush them. Surprisingly, their Pokémon evolve and stop Lugia. Gold and Crystal attempt to catch Lugia, but...

Chapter plot

Gold orders Remoraid to attack, which hit Lugia. However, Lugia did not sink down and tackles Gold, who falls into the sea. However, Gold put his cue into Lugia's mouth, causing his attacks to be blocked. Crystal and Silver go to the beach, where Gold managed to swim his way out. Gold shows Exbo he made a new friend, Mantine. Lugia descends down them and attacks, showing his rage, tying to crush Crystal, Gold and Silver. However, Exbo, Megaree and Croconaw stand in his way.

In that moment, Exbo, Megaree and Croconaw evolve into Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr. Silver tells he heard Pokémon can easily evolve if there are three in the same group with similar background. Gold decides to catch Lugia, asking Silver does it have a vital spot, where its life force is concentrated. Silver replies it is the forehead, so Gold throws his Poké Ball on Lugia. Howevetr, he misses, since he does not havem his cue. Crystal throws her Poké Ball and manages to seal Lugia in it. Gold congratulates Crystal for the capture.

However, Silver picks the ball up and sees Lugia is gone, the Ball is empty, shocking everyone.




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