Lively Lugia II (VSルギア(中編(ちゅうへん)) VS Lugia (Part 2)) (known as Lugia (Part II) in Chuang Yi version) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Crystal meets with Gold and Silver, who constantly bicker around. Their Pokémon attack, though, by accident, Gold falls into the sea. Trying to get back to the boat, Wilton, Yellow's uncle, gives him a present. Gold also meets with a strange Pokémon, which helps him out of the situation.

Chapter plot

Gold, Silver and Crystal stare at each other, as they all have a Pokédex. Megaree is pleased to see Exbo and Feraligatr, for they all were living in Elm's lab before they went on their own paths. Lugia strikes again, causing the boat to be flown into mid air. Gold and Silver argue, forcing the latter to leave. Gold tells Silver if they stay, they won't be able to attack and will be easy targets, but all their Pokémon are ready to fight. Silver does not care much, but still, Megaree, Exbo and Feraligatr attack Lugia.

The attacks miss, causing the boat to sink further. Silver thinks that is Gold's idea, who is annoyed. Crystal asks them if they are really the trainers Oak entrusted the Pokédex to. Gold simply asks isn't she a serious, smart type of girl. Lt. Surge notices Lugia is using air itself to attack, so he dubs the move "Aeroblast". The attack hits his Magneton, so he decides to act quickly to defeat Lugia, knowing the red-haired kid has an idea how to defeat it. Gold and Crystal are surprised Silver wants to drop Lugia back into sea, for it cannot suck air to blast it out.

Silver sees Croconaw wants to stay, so sends Murkrow, who carries him into the air. Crystal does the same with Natee. Gold accidentally falls into the sea, so Silver throws the rope to get him. As Gold tries to get closer, his PokéGear beeps. He turns around and sees Wilton, a person he met at the fishing zone, trying to find Polibo. A wave blasts Gold into the sea, as well as Wilton's Poké Balls. Gold knows Polibo cannot Surf, so tries to pull the rope to get to the boat. He encounters a Pokémon and falls down on it. Silver pulls the rope, but Gold has not managed to come back.

However, Gold emerges from the sea, with the Pokémon, Mantine, carrying him, being powered by Remoraid. Gold thanks Wilton for this present and tells Silver and Crystal to watch, as he goes to sink down Lugia.




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