Lively Lugia I (VSルギアI VS Lugia) (known as Lugia (Part I) in Chuang Yi version) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Gold and Silver witness Lugia, the Legendary Pokémon, destroying everything. As Silver distracts Lugia, Gold tells Lt. Surge of the Masked Man. Gold and Silver notice a girl being in a boat and save her, but realize she is much important than she looks.

Chapter Plot

Lt. Surge's ship and the boat in which Yellow, Crystal and Wilton are begin to float under the Pokémon's psychic power. Silver identifies the Pokémon as Lugia. Lugia uses Aeroblast, hitting Silver, Gold and Lt. Surge. Lt. Surge realizes Lugia was the one creating the whirlpools. Lugia throws the boat using psychic powers, which sinks in sea. Silver flies with Murkrow, distracting Lugia for a while. Gold decides to team up with Lt. Surge, since Gold does not have a Flying-type Pokémon and Lt. Surge's Magneton float.

Since Lt. Surge brought their stuff back, Gold tells him about the Masked Man, for they fought him twice. Gold knows Masked Man specializes in ice, for he froze them and the Lake of Rage in an instant. Lt. Surge remembers well the Masked Man used Houndour and did not attack him with ice attacks. However, Gold cannot say more, for they need to focus on attacking Lugia. Yellow recognizes Lugia, the same one that Lance awakened. Crystal hears beeping and notices her Pokédex resonates. Yellow explains it will beep when three Pokédex are near.

Lugia's Aeroblast hits the boat, causing it to sink. Crystal remembers Prof. Oak told her the other two Pokédex are held by two boys. Silver thinks something happened to Lugia to act this way. He notices the boat sinking, in which passengers are. Gold notices Crystal in the boat. Thinking she is a damsel in distress, he jumps off Lt. Surge's platform and surfs to Crystal. He extends his hand to her, but Silver already got her. Gold bickers with Silver, though Crystal wakes up and yells these two are punks. However, they hear beeping and Crystal realizes Gold and Silver are the ones carrying the two Pokédex.





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