Sandslash Surprise (VSサンドパン VS Sandslash) (known as When Sandslash Gets Rowdy in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Gold and Silver wake up after being rescued by a mysterious figure. After fighting some wild Sandslash, Gold and Silver come out of the cave and meet up with Lt. Surge, who brought them equipment they lost at the battle with the Masked Man. However, a new danger approaches.

Chapter Plot

Gold wakes up and sees he is in a cave. Aibo comes to him and combs his hair. Gold remembers fighting the Masked Man, then finds Silver, who is already awake. Silver suggests they shouldn't move around too much, for they are still very weak. However, Silver remembers being saved by a figure, who offered them warmth. Gold does remember they were being watched, but they see the figure is gone. Suddenly, they encounter some strange beings, who begin rolling out to attack them.

Gold sees he has no Pokédex, but still has his Pokémon, as he sends them all. Silver does that as well, hitting each being. Croconaw hits one, revealing the beings to be Sandslash. Meanwhile, Lt. Surge is on the ship near the island Morty spoke of, for they managed to bypass the whirlpools. He sees Gold and Silver, so descends down using his Magneton. He gives Gold and Silver the stuff. Gold goes after it, but Lt. Surge replies shouldn't Gold thank him. Gold expresses his gratitude, but Lt. Surge meant info about the Masked Man: his team, the strategies he uses and techniques.

Silver asks first is the ship Lt. Surge's. Lt. Surge looks behind and sees his ship is being thrown into the air. Even more, a gigantic Pokémon appears, who controls a boat.





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