Savvy Swinub (VSウリム VS Swinub) (known as Ice-Skating Swinub in Chuang Yi version) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 12.


Pryce and Whitney work together to defeat Suicune. Armed with experiences of Gym Leaders who fought Suicune before, Pryce navigates Whitney to defeat Suicune. She manages to do it, though a hole appears in Suicune. However, Pryce explains what Suicune really is.

Chapter plot

Pryce stares into Suicune, as the others watch what tactics will he use. Pryce slams his cane onto the floor. Pryce remembers the stories of Suicune battling other Gym Leaders, confusing them with mirror illusions, reflecting back the damage, taking many details seriously and eluding Poké Balls. Whitney is surprised Pryce took each and every event from every Gym Leader that fought Suicune. Whitney pushes Pryce's wheelchair, as they both track Suicune down, so Whitney calls Miltank back. Pryce knows well how Suicune fights, so advises to counter these strategies, for they won't lose like others, at least.

Pryce warns Whitney before Suicune attacks, its horn glows. Suicune attacks, though Pryce and Whitney dodge the attack. Whitney is surprised Pryce knows about Suicune's battles. Pryce's Swinub uses Powder Snow, though Pryce predicts Suicune will use Mirror Coat. Whitney has an idea and sends Miltank, who takes the hit. However, Miltank use Heal Bell, healing herself. The radio crew is amused by their teamwork. Whitney asks DJ Mary to borrow her Smeargle. DJ Mary allows it, so Suicune attacks Smeargle, who dodges and paints an X on right part of Suicune's head.

Suicune multiples himself, but Whitney knows well Suicune's illusions will have the X on left part of the head, while the real one on the right one. Swinub uses Blizzard on the real Suicune, freezing him, for Pryce knows well he cannot use Gust nor Bubblebeam. Miltank uses Dynamic Punch, hitting Suicune. Whitney throws her Poké Ball. However, there is a hole in Suicune, making Whitney cry, apologizing to Suicune for that. DJ Mary notices that is not a real Suicune, but merely an ice sculpture. Pryce admits that is his mobile ice sculpture he uses for training.

He admits his Pokémon can melt and create these ice sculptures, creating an illusion, for his Pokémon were the ones battling. He thought Suicune may come here, preparing himself for that moment. Later, the crew admits Pryce is powerful and may catch Suicune. Whitney disagrees, thinking she is the best Gym Leader around, for Pryce may not catch Suicune without her. In the Gym, Pryce is thankful for that fun. He regrets he had to tell one lie, for there is a reason Suicune will not come in this Gym. Meanwhile, the weather report states a number of whirlpools were seen near Cianwood City and it is advised to stay off the area. Suddenly, a giant Pokémon emerges from the whirlpool.





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