Hello, Lickitung (VSベロリンガ VS Lickitung) (known as Sticky Lickitung in Chuang Yi version) is the 12th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


As Yellow makes her entrance, she and Megaree are caught by some wild Lickitung. Crystal goes to help her, but Yellow shows her defensive tactics to free herself and Megaree. Meanwhile, Lt. Surge visits "the trainer with eyes of thousand miles", Morty, wanting his help in tracking down the kids, who got defeated by the Masked Man.

Chapter plot

Crystal and her Pokémon stare at Yellow's drawing. Crystal wants to know why Yellow wanted her here. Yellow walks away, but Crystal demands answers from her. Suddenly, wild lickitung stretch their tongues, wrapping Yellow and Megaree. Crystal realizes Megaree, having evolved recently, is letting out a smell, which attracts Lickitung. Crystal goes to save Yellow, but notices Yellow is asleep for some reason. Yellow wakes up, for Megaree's smell causes people to become sleepy. Yellow suddenly notices she is being attacked by Lickitung.

Crystal goes to save Yellow, who has her rod attached to Ratty, who begins to walk in its own Poké Ball. She pulls the rod and the Poké Ball. The Lickitung toss her, but Yellow sent Kitty, who saves her and Megaree. Crystal is shocked, though Yellow asks her to call back the Pokémon, for Kitty can carry both of them. Yellow heard of Crystal's task to catch all Pokémon to fill the data for the Pokédex. Crystal replies she only has stronger Pokémon to catch, including Suicune, who has been eluding capture.

Yellow replies she came to help her in this task. They descend down to Yellow's uncle's boat. Crystal asks Yellow if Yellow knows anything about the three Legendary Pokémon, though Yellow replies she was the one who woke them from their sleep. Meanwhile, Morty returns to Ecuteak Gym with Misdreavus and Gastly. He senses danger and a voice from the forest knows Morty is one called "trainer with eyes for thousand miles". Morty is attacked and binded by Magnemite. Morty senses the attacker's position and has Misdreavus use Psybeam on the spot. The attacker is Lt. Surge, who confirms Morty has these special abilities.

Morty replies to be freed, else Midreavus would use Psybeam on him. Lt. Surge asks would it be faster than Raichu's tail, for Raichu intimidates them. They both laugh, though Morty notices Lt. Surge is wounded. Lt. Surge replies had he not found the object, he'd return to Kanto. Lt. Surge presents the Pokédex, wanting to find its owner, for these Pokédex holders even fight better than some adults. Lt. Surge wants Morty to use his powers, wanting to find out the kids, presenting the boot and the hat.


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