Do-Si-Do with Dodrio (VSドードリオ VS Dodrio) (known as Dodrio, Watchout! in Chuang Yi version) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


While Lt. Surge investigates a Gyarados and the ice boulder deep in the Lake of Rage, Crystal is visited by a mysterious trainer, who is accompanied by two Pikachu.

Chapter plot

Lt. Surge notices bubbles coming from the lake. He suspects it is the doing of the Masked Man and wishes he could check it out, for he is injured. He uses the submarine to dive in and encounters a red Gyarados. He suspects it is connected to the event when Gyarados went missing three weeks ago. Suddenly, Gyarados wakes up and attacks Lt. Surge. He does not have a Pokémon that can fight well in water, but sends Raichu, who touches the rods, which allows Lt. Surge to electrocute the Gyarados through certain submarine parts.

Surprisingly, Gyarados passes by him and tackles ice. Lt. Surge notices it wants to break something out of there, though Gyarados faints. Lt. Surge sees something important is there. He remembers the Masked Man claiming he will attack Lt. Surge and have him sink in the lake, just like the Masked Man did with two children. Lt. Surge shoots a beam at the ice. Soon, he comes to the surface and took some items from the kids, but is worried, for there are no other signs of the children. Lt. Surge hears a beep and takes out a Pokédex from the kids' bag.

Meanwhile, Crystal comes out of the Pokémon Center, her Pokédex repaired and goes to Cianwood City. Since she does not have any Pokémon that can use Surf, she has to wait for the boat. Her Pokémon are sad, but she assures them they are the best team she can wish for. Suddenly, she encounters two Pikachu surfing. She wants to catch them, but one Pikachu is bounced off in the sky. A trainer on Dodrio appears and manages to catch Pikachu before falling down. She scolds Chuchu, even if she wishes she could surf like Pika.

The trainer apologises to Crystal for almost bumping into her. Crystal replies she is fine, though the trainer takes out a drawing of Crystal, who is a pro at catching Pokémon. Crystal confirms she is a pro, so the trainer, Yellow, is glad she found her.


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