Really Raikou & Entirely Entei I (VSライコウ&エンテイ(前編(ぜんへん)) VS Raikou and Entei (Part 1)) (known as Raikou & Entei (Part I) in Chuang Yi version) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Falkner, who is training Skarmory, is visited by a Bird Keeper. Unexpectedly, Raikou and Entei, both who vanished with Suicune from the Burned Tower, approach Falkner. Despite the disadvantage, Falkner accepts the task and plans to make a collision between Raikou and Entei themselves.

Chapter plot

Falkner throws an object, as his Skarmory takes it in the flight. A Bird Keeper comes and shows Falkner a chest, filled with Poké Balls he caught in a zone. He does not want to give them away to Falkner. Suddenly, it begins to rain and a lighting strikes a tree and soon they notice a Pokémon. The Bird Keeper thinks it is Suicune, but Falkner identifies it to be Raikou. They turn around and encounter Entei as well. The Bird Keeper is very pleased and goes to catch them both, despite Falkner not giving permission.

Entei glares at the Bird Keeper. Falkner saves the Bird Keeper, as Entei almost crushed him. Entei and Raikou decide to follow both of them and catch them up. Falkner knows well Suicune is challenging the Johto Gym Leaders. Still, it is no surprise Entei and Raikou would act in a similar fashion. Despite having no skill of Fire and Electric-type Pokémon, and the disadvantage of fighting two at the same time, Falkner decides to battle them. Skarmory uses Swift, but misses both Legendary Pokémon. Suddenly, above Falkner and the Bird Keeper, it starts to rain.

Raikou uses the opportunity, as both Falkner, the Bird Keeper and Skarmory are struck with Thunder. Entei follows as well, using Fire Blast on them. Skarmory speeds up, as Falkner is waiting for the right moment. Raikou releases electricity and Entei fire. Falkner plans to catch Raikou and Suicune, as when electricity and fire merge, it will cause a blast, hitting both Entei and Raikou. Falkner prepares for the moment, but a mysterious shadow comes from behind.




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