Crossing Crobat (VSクロバット VS Crobat) (known as Your Shadow, Crobat in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Koga's daughter, Janine, tries to find a master. During the time, she makes certain tasks. After her recent task, she encounters Suicune. Janine uses her stealthy ninja tactics to attack Suicune, but overlooks a flaw.

Chapter Plot

A ninja is in Goldenrod City, whose Ariados helps to get them to another building. It helps the ninja to tear the safety bars, allowing the ninja to come into the building to take the Big Pearl. The ninja sends a Weezing, who releases the smoke to detect the security lasers. The ninja quietly and carefully removes the glass and takes the Big Pearl. Suddenly, lights turn on, as the policemen found the ninja, who sends Forretress to release spikes. A man comes, scolding his policemen for not watching the pearl. He thanks the ninja, Janine, for helping them with the training, for he sees what should be done to improve security in Goldenrod Museum.

The policemen are curious who she is. The man replies he knows her as Janine, who would do dangerous tasks if employed. Janine, however, wonders where her father is and why is she doing these jobs. She remembers her father, Koga, who told her she needed to improve herself, for one day she will serve his master, Giovanni. Janine, however, knew Giovanni disappeared, so she left the Fuchsia Gym to find a new master. Suddenly, a beam of light appears, but Janine dodges and encounters Suicune. She sends Crobat, who attacks Suicune and attaches to it.

Janine remembers well this is Suicune, who has come to Janine to challenge her. She plans to catch Suicune, for her father will certainly be pleased to hear she caught a Pokémon nobody could tame. Crobat goes to use Leech Life, but is hit by Aurora Beam, making Janine impressed by his timing. Crobat uses Double Team, causing Suicune to hit an illusion, so Crobat retaliates with Wing Attack, attacking Suicune. Suicune uses Aurora Beam and manages to hit the real Crobat. Janine is surprised, but realizes it knew because of her shadow lying at the ground. Suicune leaves, but Janine feels he wants to find a worthy master, hence why he is challenging the Johto Gym Leaders.

She admits she is also searching for a new master and introduces herself as Janine, Gym Leader of Fuchsia City and daughter of Koga, the ninja master. She calls Crobat back and asks Suicune when they meet again, they can battle each other once more. They both head separate paths, in search for new masters.






Big Pearl


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