Lively Larvitar (VSヨーギラス VS Larvitar) (known as Larvitar's Too Cunning in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Crystal remembers times when she was training to become a pro for catching Pokémon. Suddenly, a Larvitar appears, whom Archy recognizes as the Larvitar who hit it in the eye. Megaree helps Archy to attack Larvitar. Crystal, who has been training hard, makes her chance, as does Megaree!

Chapter plot

Crystal's mother observes her daughter training, knowing Crystal is afraid of another failure of catching Pokémon. Crystal uses her legs to train, for she injured her arms in the past and had to rely on them. When Crystal woke up from unconsciousness, after falling down and crippling her arms, she was healed by a Parasect's Spore and Cubone lent its bones to immobilise her legs. A Hitmonchan and Natu appeared as well to scout the area for any enemies. However, they all were injured and Crystal suspected the Arcanine hit them badly.

Natu sensed Arcanine. Crystal noticed Arcanine had an injury on its left eye, hence why it moved only to the left. The Pokémon forgave Arcanine, so Parasect used Spore to heal Arcanine's wound. In a month, after her wounds were healed, she became a pro in catching Pokémon. Crystal, in present, told this story to Megaree. However, she doubts if she will become a pro again. Crystal trained and trained for days, using her legs, but she still couldn't hit the target.

One day, Archy is shocked. A Larvitar appears, making Archy aggressive. Larvitar strikes on left side, so Crystal suspects this Larvitar injured Archy's eye in the past. Crystal tries to open her Poké Balls, but sees Larvitar crushed them, so she cannot open them. Megaree tackles Larvitar, as he wants to help Archy. Crystal feels she and her Pokémon's hearts are connected and must act as one. Megaree gets hit by Larvitar. Suddenly, Megaree evolves into Bayleef and hits Larvitar back. Crystal throws her Poké Ball, using her leg and succeeds in catching Larvitar.

Her mother is pleased, as they both can continue their journeys. Crystal is surprised Megaree evolved, but now sees they need to train more and harder. With that, she and Megaree head to south-western part of Johto. Suicune observes her and looks at the earring she dropped, then goes away.




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