Hurray for Heracross (VSヘラクロス VS Heracross) (known as Heads On Heracross in Chuang Yi version) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Suicune comes to the Ruins of Alph, where Bugsy does his archaeological research. He gets Bugsy's attention, who reads some glyphs. Bugsy is determined to catch Suicune, who runs away, leaving Bugsy to read more important ancient glyphs.

Chapter plot

While Crystal is training herself, Suicune comes to the Ruins of Alph and enters them. There, it watches Bugsy, who has a team of archaeologists search the ruins for ancient artifacts. He warns them the glyphs on the wall are Symbol Pokémon, which may awaken. One comes out, so Bugsy's Heracross attacks Unown, allowing Bugsy to catch it using his net and catch it. As Bugsy leaves his team of archaeologists, he notices something walking in the ruins, a big Pokémon.

Bugsy sends Heracross to ride it to catch that Pokémon. He comes to a dead end, but sees an array of glyphs. He knows Unown have been used to write letters. He uses a glass to translate the glyphs and reads "Rope Escape". Bugsy pulls out the escape rope, wondering what it has to do with this. A blast is made, crushing a wall, but Heracross protects Bugsy from it. Bugsy sees there was a reaction to this item. Bugsy encounters Suicune and notices he is strong, but wonders why he wanted Bugsy to come here.

Bugsy sends his Metapod and Kakuna, introducing himself. Heracross attacks Suicune, who tosses him onto the ceiling. Bugsy throws a net onto Suicune, who gets captured and electrocuted, for this is a material made by the same substance from the Poké Balls. Bugsy intends to catch Suicune, who glows. Suicune escapes, shocking Bugsy, for his net was cut by Aurora Beam. Bugsy notices a secret chamber behind the wall, with another set of glyphs. Next day, Bugsy confirms on the research station the glyphs translate to Ho-Oh.

Bugsy admits he would like to continue his research, but wonders if the Pokémon was testing him and something else as well. Meanwhile, Suicune runs away, to a new target.



Bugsy's Unown


Escape Rope


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