Absolutely Azumarill (VSマリルリ VS Azumarill) (known as Catch that Azumarill in Chuang Yi version) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Having lost her skill, Crystal remembers her time when she was training to catch Pokémon. She gets a visit from her mom, who asks her to catch an Azumarill. Crystal fails, so her mom makes a harsh move to brace Crystal and set her on the right path.

Chapter Plot

Crystal is shocked, so Megaree uses Razor Leaf on Psyduck. Crystal throws the ball again, but misses. She thinks it is a Psyduck with special abilities, but soon notices her Pokémdex is broken. Psyduck swims away and Crystal throws another ball, but misses, so she realizes her skill is lost. Later, Crystal is very sad, for she couldn't catch even the common Pokémon, while her Pokédex is broken after she fell down from the Burned Tower. Her tracking system is destroyed as well, so she cannot track Suicune down. She realizes this is like she was training when she was a child.

As she was training to throw the Poké Ball with Chumee, an Arcanine appeared and scared her. She fell down from a slope, broke her arms and couldn't catch any Pokémon. She feels this is like those days when she couldn't catch anything. Seeing the transporter device broken, she thinks she may be able to call Prof. Oak. A wild Azumarill appears and she hears a familiar voice. She turns around and sees her mom, who tries to catch that Azumarill. Crystal's mom is glad to see her daughter. She meets her Pokémon, but senses Crystal is not feeling good. In any case, she gives Crystal the special Poké Balls Kurt made. Crystal's mom asks her to catch Azumarill, since she was a pro at catching Pokémon. Crystal hesitates and tries to catch Azumarill, but misses.

Crystal's mom is surprised, as Crystal missed timing, accuracy and speed to catch Azumarill. Crystal explains she fought a powerful Pokémon today and something changed inside her, so she cannot catch any Pokémon. Crystal begs her mother to help her out. Crystal's mom replies she received something from Prof. Oak and should make it work. Crystal cries more, so her mom slaps her. Crystal's mom yells a pro should never quit, no matter what happens. She advises her daughter to return to the place where she started her training to catch Pokémon.

At Mt. Mortar, Crystal thanks her mom for reminding her. She wraps her hands, telling her Megaree she had to rely on her legs when she broke her arms. She starts her training, while a mysterious Pokémon watches her.





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