Suddenly Suicune III (VSスイクン(後編(こうへん)) VS Suicune (Part 3)) (known as VS. Suicune (Part III) in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Crystal failed to catch Suicune. Eusine tries to find Suicune, but finds the statue of Ho-Oh glowing. As Eusine flies away, Crystal cries for not having understood Suicune. Meanwhile, the Masked Man gives his subordinates new orders.

Chapter plot

Eusine flies with Jumpluff to the Burned Tower. He arrives, only to see the Crystal Wall being enclosed. He notices his doll is destroyed, while Natee informs him Crystal is unconscious. Eusine carries her, as he wants to catch Suiune, but gets stopped by the barrier at the seventh floor. Megaree follows Eusine, who uses the Invisible Bell to bypass the wall. He comes up and encounters Ho-Oh's statue, the symbol of Ecruteak City his friend, Morty, was talking about. He sees Suicune's tracks, hoping he'll find it here.

Crystal wakes up and Eusine informs her Suicune has disappeared. Eusine tells Crystal after the earthquake, the Burned Tower has been rebuilt in a month. He points at the Ho-Oh statue and tells the legend if the tower would sink, Ho-Oh itself will appear. It is why Team Rocket, who caused the earthquake, wanted to see if the story is true. For that, Morty was worried and had the tower rebuilt, as Ho-Oh would be very angry. Eusine fears it has been for nothing, as Ho-Oh's statue is glowing and thinks Suicune wanted to meet Ho-Oh at this tower.

Eusine leaves, wanting to catch Suicune, thinking he is the only one deserving to catch it. He kisses Crystal's hand and flies away with Jumpluff. Crystal is sad, but lets Megaree know she misunderstood Suicune, for he wanted to meet Ho-Oh. She did not consider Suicune had his reasons to be at the Burned Tower. She cries, admitting she was careless for attacking Suicune without considering his feelings, begging for his forgiveness. Meanwhile, Suicune is still at the Burned Tower as long as the crystal appears. Suicune remembers Crystal and picks up her star earring, then runs away.

Crystal remembers her task to catch Pokémon to gather data for the Pokédex. She encounters Psyduck and throws her Poké Ball, but to her shock, she misses. At the same time, Sham and Carl inform the Masked Man the Team Rocket trio, Al, Ken and Harry, have failed in their task and lost the invisible bell. The Masked Man replies they should focus on the Gym Leaders, for Suicune will visit them.


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