Suddenly Suicune II (VSスイクン(中編(ちゅうへん)) VS Suicune (Part 2)) (known as VS. Suicune (Part II) in Chuang Yi version) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Suicune manages to break free from its Poké Ball. Crystal tries to pursue it, but Suicune activates the Crystal Wall, which will cause the tower to be defended from anyone wanting to catch it. Eusine reports he found an item to capture Suicune and asks Crystal to stall Suicune. Crystal does so, but has an terrible accident.

Chapter plot

Crystal manages to capture Suicune. However, Suicune struggles and cracks the ball, causing it to be freed. Crystal knows Suicune needs to be weakened even more, so has Archy and Bonee track it down. Bonee uses False Swipe and tries to hit Suicune. Crystal cheers for Bonee, but hits her head into an invisible barrier. Crystal touches the barrier and realizes this is the Crystal Wall, as Suicune wants to keep her away.

Crystal asks Euisune through the doll where he is. Eusine replies he is near the Tin Tower and orders Crystal to stop the Crystal Wall from closing in. Crystal immediately pulls Bonee, but is told if the Wall closes, Suicune may escape again. Eusine asks Crystal to stall Suicune, as he has an item, the Invisible Bell, to capture Suicune, even if the wall is closed. Eusine replies the Team Rocket grunts had the bell, as they knew about the Crystal Wall. Crystal puts her hope in Eusine, as she continues to distract Suicune.

Crystal struggles, but Suicune causes a blast, which destroys Crystal's Transporter device and Eusine's doll falls down. Eusine is shocked, while Crystal falls down from the Burned Tower. Meanwhile, a bird appears in the sky and flies through, leaving a rainbow behind.


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