Suddenly Suicune I (VSスイクン(前編(ぜんぺん)) VS Suicune (Part 1)) (known as VS. Suicune (Part I) in Chuang Yi version) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 11.


Crystal goes to end her hunt, as she encounters Suicune. Suicune uses clever tricks, but Crystal is always one step ahead of it and makes her final catch.

Chapter plot

Eusine sends Jumpluff and flies away. However, he stops ad comes down, hearing a sound. He searches through a Team Rocket grunt and remembers the sound. Meanwhile, Crystal tries to open the gate to the Burned Tower. However, it is locked, as she remembers the entire Ecruteak City was affected by an earthquake a while back. She jumps up and has a feeling about something.

Crystal's Natee carries her up, where Crystal encounters Suicune. Crystal admires it and admits every time she has seen it was fake. She introduces herself to Suicune and goes to battle it. She sends her team and Bonee starts with using Bonemerang. Suicune dodges, but Crystal counted on that, for Bonemerang returns and hits Suicune. Parasee uses Spore, so Suicune blows it away by gusting. Crystal knows it has not blown all the spores away and is feeling sleepy. Suicune jumps down, to a pond, but Monlee also jumps and uses Mega Punch.

Suicune dodges, but Crystal knew it would dodge, as Monlee was targeting the ground, causing Suicune to fall down in the crack. Crystal throws her Heavy Ball and manages to catch Suicune, ending her hunt.


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