Great Girafarig (VSキリンリキ VS Girafarig) (known as VS. Girafarig in Chuang Yi version) is the 13th and final chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


As Crystal starts her hunt for Suicune, Eusine tries to attack Team Rocket. However, they prove to be a challenge, using webs, electricity and psychic powers to attack Eusine. However, Eusine has tricks under his sleeve, using his tricks as a magician to defeat them.

Chapter plot

The grunts are surprised, as Eusine challenges all three at the same time. They accept his challenge, so their Spinarak uses Spider Web, which gets electrified by Elekid, so Eusine cannot escape. The grunts are proud, as they will make Team Rocket's comeback in Johto. Girafarig uses Psywave on Eusine, affecting him. Eusine gets binded to the web and electrocuted, his cloak being burned.

The grunt is pleased, as Elekid watches not to hit him as well. Eusine stands up and goes to show the grunts his "Pokémon magic", shocking the grunts. Crystal moves onwards to Ecruteak City, wanting to catch Suicune, while Eusine battles Team Rocket. Eusine's Jumpluff releases wool, covering the area. The grunts are distracted and soon see Eusine is gone. Girafarig's tail searches for Eusine, as it has more developed senses. A grunt sees Eusine cloaked, so orders the others to go after Suicune, while he taunts Eusine.

The tail bites Eusine, but it proves to be a mere dummy. Girafarig pulls out a pocket watch and a chain, which touches the web, causing Girafarig and the grunt to be electrocuted. Eusine comes out, proud he defeated the grunts, for he covered his clothes with cologne, making Girafarig's tail attracted to it. Meanwhile, the other grunts are being affected by Jumpluff's wool, which turns into vines and binds the other two grunts.

Eusine plans to catch up with Crystal, who is at the Burned Tower.


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