Indubitably Ditto (VSメタモン VS Ditto) (known as Miltank is Sick in Chuang Yi version) is the 12th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


Eusine and Crystal face Ditto, who tries to wrap them. Crystal manages to defeat Ditto, but she and Eusine need to save Suicune. Eusine splits with Crystal, going after Suicune's pursuers, while Crystal goes after Suicune itself.

Chapter plot

Ditto begins to wrap Eusine and Crystal, through the ground. Crystal goes to reach her Poké Balls, while Eusine orders Electrode to electrocute Ditto. Crystal tells they'll get shocked as well, but Eusine does not see a way out other than that. Crystal is wrapped by Ditto, shocking Eusine. However, it is actually Monlee that got wrapped, who punches Ditto and defeats it. Crystal is exhausted, while Eusine considers her a worthy, powerful rival. Crystal and Eusine want to find Ditto's trainer, knowing its owner is looking for Suicune.

Crystal detects Suicune's location on her Pokédex, while Eusine moves away. Crystal pulls him, knowing they may not catch up to Suicune. She sends Parasee, who releases spores around the area. Suicune moves away, as Team Rocket's Pokémon fall asleep. Eusine and Crystal move and notice a lot of Pokémon fell asleep in the region. Crystal hesitated to use such an attack, but knows people who would deceive them using Ditto to prevent them from capturing Suicune have made a low move.

She is determined to protect Suicune from such people. Eusine is pleased and gives her a doll that looks like him. Eusine jumps and talks through the doll, advising to split into two teams: he will track Suicune's pursuers, while Crystal should look after Suicune. Eusine sees the men still asleep and tells Crystal he'll meet her later. Crystal goes to Ecruteak City and sees the Burned Tower, the place Suicune went to, as well as its hometown.

Eusine jumps down and encounters Team Rocket, who recognize him as the one who defeated their Ditto. Eusine tells he is also hunting Suicune and tells that would make them rivals, but knows that term applies to people who are good enough. The grunts are insulted, but Eusine waits for effect of Spore to wear off, as he can show what he is made of.


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