Miltank Melee (VSミルタンク VS Miltank) (known as Miltank is Sick in Chuang Yi version) is the 11th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


After fooling a couple by curing Miltank, Eusine encounters Crystal, who is enraged by his tricks. They encounter Suicune again, but Crystal knows that one is a phony. This fake Suicune reveals its true form, while the real one is being cornered and nearly to be captured.

Chapter plot

Crystal watches as the man flies off with Jumpluff. She notices a card, on which she reads the man is Eusine. Meanwhile, a pair is watching over a Miltank, who is sick and cold. Eusine barges in, shocking the couple. Eusine admits his Jumpluff was swept by the wind and they accidentally fell through the roof. The man pushes him away and tells him to pay for the damages, but Eusine notices the Miltank is sick.

Eusine is determined to cure Miltank, something is stuck in her throat. He pulls a card, Three of Clubs, telling this card represents the couple must take care of him with hospitality. The man thinks Eusine is lying, who points out Miltank has recovered. The couple is surprised and give Eusine time to recover and gave him a lot of Moomoo Milk. As Eusine continues, he wishes to encounter Suicune, but feels someone is watching him and encounters an angry Crystal.

Crystal rages out, claiming Eusine tricked the couple, as he put the card in Miltank and pulled it out. Eusine replies he also gave the berry to recover. Eusine admits he did not want to pay the damage for the roof, but thinks Crystal shouldn't complain much, for she followed him to get to Suicune first. Crystal denies that, showing her Pokédex to find Suicune. Eusine thinks he was imagining he was being followed. He feels something and tackles Crystal, as they are attacked. Eusine notices that was an ice beam and realizes that is Suicune.

Eusine sends Electrode, to approach closer to Suicune. While he admires Suicune, Crystal knows that is not Suicune. Crystal orders Suicune to show its true colors, causing Suicune to transform into a Ditto. Crystal points out Suicune moved away during the attack, it does not have the same aura as the real Suicune does. Crystal wonders who or why would someone do this. Eusine remembers the trick at the farm he used to cure Miltank, so tells Crystal why they were chasing Ditto, its owner was chasing the real Suicune.

Meanwhile, a man, whose robes of the Masked Man are hung, contacts others, who report they found Suicune and promise to take the others out. The man laughs, ordering if they are followed, their enemies must not be spared. The others are actually Team Rocket, who made the plan of the fake Suicune, as they stand in front of the real Suicune.





Moomoo Milk


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