Jumping Jumpluff (VSワタッコ VS Jumpluff) (known as VS. Jumpluff in Chuang Yi version) is the 10th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


While Crystal goes after Suicune, she encounters something in the grass. The shadow reveals to be a man, who is also tracking Suicune. Crystal is surprised, for the man uses his own device to lure Suicune.

Chapter plot

As Crystal rides Archy, Prof. Oak tells her Suicune appeared and challenged some Gym Leaders, then vanished. Oak asks her how close was she to Suicune. Crystal thinks it was about two meters, so Oak tells her to open the Pokédex, for it must've gathered some info about Suicune. She does so and is told the Pokédex can track Suicune down. Crystal is pleased, as she knows where Suicune is. After seeing his mysterious power to cure Qwilfish and clean the sea, she hopes to meet Suicune again.

As Crystal goes to set up a camp, she hears some noise. Her Natee confirms something is moving, so Parasee uses Sweet Scent to lure the Pokémon. Crystal thinks Suicune is near, so goes after it. Thinking this is no ordinary Pokémon, Crystal changes her plan and has Monlee use Mach Punch to clear the grass. Crystal calls all her Pokémon back, except Natu, who takes her up, so Crystal can see Suicune from the sky.

She sees something and sends her Pokémon back, who are tracking down Suicune. Archy jumps, but gets electrocuted, surprising Crystal Suicune would know an electric-type move. Instead, she encounters a man and his Electrode. They both see they mistook each other being a Suicune, who is now gone. The man reveals his secret, as he is using a Suicune hologram to lure Suicune.

Seeing Crystal is after Suicune as well, the man realizes that would make them rivals. He throws a smoke bomb and flies up with a Jumpluff, clamining he will capture Suicune, tracking it down for 10 years. Crystal still wonders what was that about.




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