Misdreavus Misgivings (VSムウマ VS Misdreavus) (known as VS. Paralyzes in Chuang Yi version) is the 9th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


After saving a trainer's Girafarig, Morty, Ecruteak City's Gym Leader, encounters Suicune. He tries to paralyze it to slow its movement and catch it, but finds himself a victim of an illusion.

Chapter plot

A man is standing on a top of the building, his eyes closed as he focuses on something. The villagers gather and have heard this person is supposed to be a Gym Leader of Ecruteak City. The man opens his eyes, as he detected the location of a trainer's Girafarig, who was supposed to be separated from its trainer for a long time. They all come to the mountains and encounter the Girafarig. The trainer recognizes it to be her own, due to Girafarig's scar under its eye. The villagers admire this man, whose name is Morty, as the trainer's father gives him a present for finding Girafarig.

Morty admits he cannot find all things, for he has not encountered the Rainbow Pokémon he is trying to find, thinking he can find stuff for others. He also tries to find a man named Eusine, who asked him to find the Legendary Pokémon, Suicune. The trainer's daughter brings a radio, where they hear reports Legendary Pokémon awakened from Ecruteak City's Burned Tower and have disappeared, but were encountered near Cianwood and Blackthorn City. Morty is surprised and runs off with his Gastly and Misdreavus.

In a forest, Morty tries to search for Suicune with Gastly on his side. Morty focuses and manages to find Suicune. Misdreavus uses Psywave on Suicune, who tries to freeze them. Suicune runs off, into the village and leaps off. Suicune stops, so Morty explains to it Gastly was using Thunderbolt in the forest to create an electric field, managing to paralyze Suicune. Morty throws his Poké Ball to catch Suicune, but the Ball goes through Suicune, shocking Morty at that sight. Morty soon sees the village disappearing and sees illusions of himself. He touches one of the illusions, which breaks into pieces, for it was merely ice.

Morty sees his Misdreavus being paralyzed, realizing Suicune used Mirror Coat to reflect the damage. Morty tries to find Suicune, but fails. He thinks if this keeps up, he won't find the Rainbow Pokémon. Morty calls Eusine, reporting the defeat.



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