Debonaire Dragonair (VSハクリュー VS Dragonair) (known as VS. Dragonair in Chuang Yi version) is the 7th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


Suicune tracks down the Gym Leaders. The first one is Clair, the mistress of Dragons. Despite the type disadvantage, Clair manages to use powerful strategies to counter Suicune's attacks. However, Suicune makes a trick to fool Clair and defeat her.

Chapter plot

Suicune is at Blackthorn City and thinks of some Gym Leaders it must visit. Meanwhile, two trainers fight. The woman's Kingdra fights against her challenger's Seadra, who uses Twister and Smokescreen. The woman calls Kingdra back and sends Dragonair, who uses Safeguard, followed by Dragon Breath. The challenger is defeated and bows down before the woman, Clair, who admits his combination of Twister and Smokescreen was powerful. The challenger thinks Clair is quite powerful, being a Gym Leader specializing in Dragon-type Pokémon. Clair wishes she had a more powerful opponents, as her skills are getting rusty.

The challenger remembers Lance defeated her, but Clair stomps on him and goes away, ordering Lance must not be mentioned ever again. At the Dragon's Den, Clair wonders about her brother. She yells out, wanting to get the attention of the dragons. They come out, but Clair is surprised, for they usually attack her first. She notices a glow in the distance, it being Suicune. Clair has not seen this Pokémon and demands to know what is it doing here. Suicune attacks her Dragonair, who blocks Suicune with its tail, but Clair does not think that was its best attack.

However, Dragonair's crystal shatters, so Suicune leaps and tries to freeze Dragonair. Dragonair uses Dragon Breath, which paralyzes Suicune. Clair attempts to catch Suicune, as she throws her Poké Ball at it. However, the Ball does not catch Suicune, so Clair turns around and sees that was a reflection of ice. Suicune uses Bubblebeam and hits Clair, knocking her down. Clair tells she has stronger Pokémon to battle, but Suicune ignores her and walks away.

Clair's grandfather, the dragon clan elder, arrives. A man appears, who translates the elder's words, saying that Pokémon was Suicune from Ecruteak City's Burned Tower, as it wants to travel on the adventures. Clair wants to know why it came here and is told Suicune is testing powerful trainers, including her, in a battle. Clair wonders if Suicune left because it felt she was not worthy of a battle. She realizes that Suicune is searching for a good trainer to become its master.






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