Querulous Qwilfish (VSハリーセン VS Qwilfish) (known as VS. Qwilfish in Chuang Yi version) is the 6th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


As Crystal comes to the construction of the Battle Tower, an accident causes the sea to be polluted. Crystal manages to catch all Qwilifish dwelling in the sea, but a baby Qwilfish has been hurt. Crystal goes to save it, but encounters a mysterious Pokémon, who flashes out and performs a miracle...

Chapter plot

As Crystal travels, the Goldenrod Radio News report three Legendary Pokémon were seen yesterday coming out of Ecruteak City and are believed to have gone on their own adventures, which attracted the attention of researchers and trainers. Crystal arrives to a tower, which the construction director describes it being the Battle Tower, but it will be opened next month. Suddenly, the ground shakes. A worker comes, reporting the tank that collected the waste from construction has cracked.

Crystal saves the director, being carried by Natee. However, the waste flows into the sea, endangering the sea Pokémon. Suddenly, Qwilfish come out of the sea, for they sucked the water, causing them to expand. Qwilfish attacks, but Natee carries Crystal and the director, dodging the attack. Crystal tries to catch it, as she sends all her Pokémon.

The Pokémon hit all the Qwilfish and bash their attacks. Bonee uses False Swipe on the big one, defeating all of the Pokémon. Crystal throws all her Poké Balls, wanting Qwilfish to stay safe until the sea is cleaned up, and catches them. A worker compliments her on her efforts, promising to clean the area up. Crystal smiles, but notices her Qwilfish wants to tell her something. A baby Qwilfish is still in the polluted sea, so Natee brings it to Crystal, who rides Archy to bring Qwilfish to the Pokémon Center. Suddenly, Crystal encounters a strange Pokémon, who makes a bright flash and goes away.

Crystal notices Qwilfish is healed and the sea is cleaned up. She contacts Prof. Oak, who reports the Pokémon gone from Ecruteak City are Suicune, Entei and Raikou. Crystal reports she thinks she saw one of them. Crystal promises to catch this Suicune and rides away.




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