Off Course with Corsola (VSサニーゴ VS Corsola) (known as VS. Corsola in Chuang Yi version) is the 5th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


Crystal's quest brought her to the Morning Union cave to catch more Pokémon. She encounters some Magneton, who carry her away to a submarine. When waking up, she meets Lt. Surge, one of Kanto's Gym Leaders, who got trapped by some Corsola. To save themselves, Crystal decides to capture Corsola's leader, making smart moves.

Chapter plot

During the night, Crystal sends her newly caught Pokémon to Prof. Oak, who is too tired and falls asleep. Later, Crystal travels with Megaree to Morning Union Cave. A drip on water falls on Megaree, who gets scared, but Crystal assures him people used this cave to travel to the other side, but with the road opened, only trainers take the route. Crystal does not see much difference of these Pokémon, but Bill explains that some Pokémon from Kanto and Johto may look different, so they can be caught to see the differences. Crystal hopes to travel to western Johto area to catch more Pokémon.

Suddenly, she encounters a Magneton, so goes to catch it. However, more Magneton come and electrocute her and Megaree, then transport them to a submarine. Suddenly, Lt. Surge appears, who was hoping the Magneton caught some wild Pokémon. Nevertheless, he jumps into the submarine and dives in. Lt. Surge contacts men on a boat, as he dives through a secret tunnel. Lt. Surge suddenly notices they are not moving and encounters a bunch of Corsola, who push his submarine. Crystal wakes up and is surprised to see so many Corsola, while Lt. Surge is shocked he has an intruder.

Lt. Surge replies the Corsola are too strong, for one is enough for a man to stand on. Crystal decides to capture their leader. Lt. Surge moves the boat, while Natee pushes the waters around the boat top align with the currents. Lt. Surge admires the girl's quick thinking and soon, the submarine is on the surface. The Corsola leader comes, so Natee uses Psychic, while Crystal catches it using the Lure Ball. The Corsola fall down on the bottom with the leader defeated.

At the S.S. Aqua, a sailor gives Crystal a tour of the ship, for it transports people between Kanto and Johto, though the lieutenant is using it for personal uses. Crystal asks if the lieutenant is the captain, but the sailor does not know. However, he whispers to Crystal there is a rumor he was a criminal. Lt. Surge points at the city nearby for Crystal. He pushes Crystal out of the ship. The sailor thinks Lt. Surge gave Crystal a ride for saving him, but Lt. Surge replies the sailor to get back to work.




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