Surrounded by Staryu (VSヒトデマン VS Staryu) (known as VS. Staryu in Chuang Yi version) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


Crystal meets Bill, who gets chased by a bunch of Staryu. The Staryu make a formation to trap Bill. It is up to Crystal to save him, using the new portable device given by Bill himself.

Chapter plot

The man is Bill, who meets Crystal. Bill tells her about the cord attached to the device. Crystal plugs the cord into her Pokédex, a portable transporter. Crystal advises Bill to come down, but Bill cannot do that, as he is chased by a herd of Staryu, who appear behind him. The Staryu attack Bill, who explains to Crystal he was looking for her, as Prof. Oak was looking for a trainer to complete the Pokédex. Since the transporting system is broken in Johto, Bill cannot find a clue how to fix it.

Suddenly, Bill screams, so Crystal goes to search him in Violet City's park. She encounters Bill, trapped on the Ferris Wheel, with the Staryu surrounding him. Bonee uses Bonemerang, but the attack is repelled by Staryu's Harden. Bill lands on the Roller Coaster, while Crystal explains Bill she cannot help him if he constantly moves. Crystal sees she needs to attack Staryu near the core, so makes a plan. Bill tells that the portable system is working, but it is new and works only one-way.

Crystal uses the device, sending her Natee to Bill, who uses Drill Peck on the Staryu. One of the Staryu is pushed out, causing the formation to be broken. Crystal throws her Fast Balls, catching all Staryu. Crystal gathers her Staryu, while Bill goes to send the device to Prof. Oak, so Crystal can send her Pokémon to him. Crystal admits the Ferris Wheel and the Roller Coaster looked entertaining for her to ride them. Bill is surprised, for Crystal does not look different from other girls, yet she saved him.

Bill advises her to take a break. Crystal is pleased, but upon seeing an Elekid, she chases after it, making Bill shocked how quickly she changes her behavior.



Crystal's Staryu


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