A Flaaffy Kerfuffle (VSモココ VS Flaaffy) (known as VS. Flaaffy in Chuang Yi version) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


As Crystal tries to transport the Pokémon to Oak and Elm, she is shocked the system has been wrecked. After reporting to the professors, Crystal continues her quest and encounters a Flaaffy and a Dunsparce stranded on a boat. Due to their hostility, she goes to catch them, but she takes a wrong turn, causing Dunsparce to fall in the river. It is then when Megaree shows his act of bravery.

Chapter plot

Crystal is at the Pokémon Academy, spying on Earl Dervish wondering where she is, for everything has been repaired and she is not here to witness that. She promises to get back soon, while she goes to store Victreebel in the Storage System in the Pokémon Center. However, she is shocked, for the system has not been repaired yet. She thinks of going to another Center, but the receptionist replies it is applied to the whole Johto region.

Crystal contacts Prof. Oak and Elm, who report Chikorita has gone missing. Crystal replies she found Chikorita and gave him the nickname Megaree, surprising Oak and Elm, for she decided Chikorita will stay in the team. Oak finds it a problem, for the transporter system has not been repaired yet, making her unable to come back to Cherrygrove City to store all her Pokémon. Elm wonders why does she not keep it, but Oak replies if she has too many Pokémon to take care of, some may feel neglected, which is why the Pokémon League allows a trainer to carry only six Pokémon around.

Outside Violet City, Crystal goes to a river to drink some water. Suddenly, a deserted boat containing a Flaaffy and a Dunsparce passes by, so Crystal goes to save them, but gets soaked instead. She tries to save them, but they attack her instead. Natee uses Psychic, which calms both Pokémon down. Crystal throws a Ball to Flaaffy's non-wooled area, catching it. She goes to catch Dunsparce, who drills a hole in the boat. This causes the boat to sink, which may crash into the rocks. Dunsparce jumps out, so Crystal throws the Ball at it, catching the Dunsparce, though the Ball falls into the river. Crystal hopes the Ball to reach the shore, so Megaree reaches the Ball, but falls in the river as well. Natu carries Crystal, who pulls Megaree out of the river.

Crystal wonders why Chikorita did that. Megaree shows her the Poké Ball, which Crystal takes, admiring Megaree for this act. She goes to the wrecked boat and is surprised, as someone is speaking though a device left on the boat. The man asks to transport the Pokémon to him, but Crystal does not know where to, for the transport system is down. However, the man flies over her.




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