Three Cheers for Chikorita (VSチコリータ VS Chikorita) (known as VS. Chikorita in Chuang Yi version) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


After unloading her backpack at the lab, Crystal leaves Prof. Oak. However, Elm tells his Chikorita the trainer left, causing Chikorita to run away and find Crystal. Crystal has a demand for her Pokémon, for they need to be tough to be in her team. She sends Hitmonlee to attack Chikorita, as a test whether Chikorita should join her... or not.

Chapter plot

Oak advises Crystal to start in Cherrygrove City and start catching Pokémon there. Crystal responds she had caught some on her way here, so shows about thirty Pokémon. Oak asks her why does she not take some of them on her journey. Crystal responds those are for professor's research, plus she has already her team ready. She leaves, so Oak admires her gift of catching Pokémon. Elm comes and is displeased, for Oak promised him an introduction with Crystal. Elm asks Chikorita if he'd like to go with a trainer on a journey. Chikorita imagines his trainer, so Elm explains Oak Chikorita is feeling adventurous.

Elm still knows Cyndaquil and Totodile went on their journeys, but tells Chikorita Crystal has got her team-mates already. Chikorita is terrified and hits Elm, then runs away. As Archy goes to use Ember on a Victreebel, Chikorita appears, so Crystal stops its attack. Victreebel binds Chikorita, so Archy cannot attack, else it'd hurt Chikorita as well. Chumee uses Mean Look, while Crystal throws her Poké Balls and catches the Victreebel and Chikorita. Crystal intends to give Chikorita to Prof. Elm, but Chikorita does not want to. Crystal asks Chikorita if he wants to go with them, which Chikorita confirms. Crystal replies she cannot bring a Pokémon that is not strong, for the journey might get dangerous.

Chikorita comes out, wanting to prove himself. Crystal sends Monlee to fight Chikorita, see if he is up to the level of those of Crystal's Pokémon. Chikorita uses Razor Leaf, but Monlee punches the leaves away and uses Mega Punch on Chikorita. Chikorita holds ground, but the attack causes a crack in the ground, scaring Chikorita. Crystal is pleased, for Chikorita withstood the attack and did not run away. She decides to take Chikorita on her journey and names it Megaree. Crystal welcomes Chikorita, but reminds him the joruney is perilous and long.

She tells all her Pokémon have a star shape, either a pendant, collar or have a crest, to distinct them from other Pokémon Crystal caught or will catch. Chumee comes to Chikorita and gives him its star pendant. Meanwhile, Oak and Elm are not pleased, for they need to warn Crystal about Chikorita's disappearance.




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