Slugging It Out With Slugma (VSマグマッグ VS Slugma) (known as VS. Slugma in Chuang Yi version) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 10.


Prof. Oak is trying to find a new trainer to complete his Pokédex for the Johto region. Bill contacts him, reporting they found one in Violet City. Oak heads there and sees some Slugma attacking some people. He rushes, trying to defend a girl, who reveals her technique.

Chapter plot

Professor Oak tries to catch some Slugma, as he orders his Stantler and Ledyba to use Take Down and Supersonic. However, he fails to catch them. Oak is displeased, for he has one Pokédex, since the other two were taken away. He wishes for a worthy trrainer to catch the Pokémon, for he is too old to do that. In Cherrygrove City, Bill contacts Professor Oak and reports he found a good trainer, who claims to be the best catcher there is. However, the trainer did not leave his name yet and has a request. Bill reports Oak should meet him in Violet City, so Oak decides to go there, thinking that trainer is something they are looking for.

At the Pokémon Academy, a girl is helping out and greets Earl Dervish, who praises her for the work she put. The girl blushes, for she is learning a lot about Pokémon recently. However, the Academy is in a bad shape, for what was once a free school for children turned out to be a shelter for homeless and Pokémon. As Oak travels, he soon sees the Pokémon Academy being attacked by Slugma. Earl pushes everyone to the basement, expect the girl, who gets nearly hit. Oak protects her, claiming a pro will come soon and defeat these Slugma.

The girl steps ahead and sends her Pokémon. Her Arcanine, Arcky, uses Extreme Speed, while Hitmonlee, named as Monlee, uses Mach Punch. Oak sees they have to catch Slugma, so Crystal removes her apron and reveals to be a trainer. Smoochum, Chumee, uses Mean Look to lock the Slugma, preventing them from escaping. The girl orders Parasee (her Parasect) to release Spore, causing the Slugma to be sleepy. The girl prepares all her Poké Balls and throws the Level Balls, catching all Slugma. Oak is surprised, while the girl smiles.

Oak wonders why did she used Level Ball. The girl admits that Slugma knew only Ember, an attack indicating it is low-level. She thanks Professor Oak for coming, for she is the pro in capturing, her name being Chris, aka Crystal. Some days later, the Pokémon Academy is renewed. Earl Dervish is pleased, for it has all been payed. Oak, however, gives Crystal a new Pokédex. At the same time, however, three flashing lights come out of Ecruteak City's Burned Tower.






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