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C-Gear screen.

The C-Gear (Cギア C-Gear), formally known as the Communication Gear, is a function available in Generation V. It has three modes; Infrared, Online, and Wireless. The player receives it in Striaton City after helping Fennel.

The C-Gear sits upon the bottom screen in a similar manner to the Pokétch in the Generation IV games and constantly looks for local Wireless, Infrared and Wi-Fi connections. If the player is near another Trainer who is playing the game with their C-Gear on, the player will automatically connect to them and get their trainer details and see how they're doing with their Pokémon in battles.

Pokémon Global Link Customizations

Prior to the closure of the Pokémon Global Link website. there was an option for users to change the background of their C-Gear. They could also alter their Pokédex skin and download an exclusive Pokémon Musical.

There were three C-Gear backgrounds available on the promotions page, each requiring a case-sensitive password to unlock. To enable the Munna background, type in PGLDR34M. PikachuCGear is the password needed for the Pikachu skin. To customize your C-Gear with the Minccino Twinkle, use PGLWELCOME. Then follow the instructions under the 'Customize' heading to change your C-Gear style.

Main options

The C-Gear has three main options:

  • Wireless: Allows the player to use the Xtransceiver and Entralink with nearby friends.
  • Online: By choosing Game Sync, the player's game will be saved and the player can send data to the Pokémon Global Link.
  • Infrared: With the DS's Infrared signal, the player can battle and trade with a person in front of the player. The player can also exchange friend codes and use the Feeling Check to see how compatible he/she is with other Trainers.

Other options

Other options are located along the bottom of the C-Gear screen. From left to right, they are:

  • Survey Reader: Allows player to carry out quizzes on passersby. More surveys can be added by answering questions at Passersby Analytics HQ in Castelia City.
  • Tag Log: With this, the player can send messages to nearby Trainers and see what they're doing in real time
  • Customization: You can customize your C-Gear slightly by altering the colors of buttons or by making them disappear completely.
  • Help: This gives a basic overview of the C-Gear and explains the various functions.
  • ON/OFF: Switches the C-Gear, and wireless communications, on or off.
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