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Byron is a character appearing in Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles, who is the Gym Leader of Canalave City and was the former Gym Leader of Oreburgh City in the Sinnoh region.


Byron is a muscular man that has maroon hair and beard, and wears a white tank top. Around his neck, he wears a very dark brown cape. He also wears white gloves with gold cuffs. His pants are grey and rugged, with pockets on either side at the top. There is also a gold stripe above each knee. He always carries around a shovel and wears a black belt and boots.


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Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl

Byron made his debut appearance together with his son, Roark. It was revealed Byron had once been the Gym Leader of Oreburgh and had left his family to become the Gym Leader of Canalave as he was more interested in fossils, leaving his former position to Roark. Byron battles his son for a short time before the match got interrupted by Team Rocket. It was later revealed that Byron still cared for his son as he kept the fossil Roark had found as a child with him ever since.

Byron is obsessed with digging and fossils. Because of such, he has a great admiration for those who craft elegant tunnels. When his fossils were stolen by Team Rocket in Ancient Family Matters!, Byron was too busy admiring the hole they dug (which came from three regions worth of experience doing so) into the building to notice.

In Dealing With Defensive Types!, Ash Ketchum had his gym battle with Byron, defeating him and earning a Mine Badge.

While the gang walked to Snowpoint City, a flashback of what happened so far on their journey was shown.[1]

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On hand

Byron Steelix

In Canalave Gym

Voice actors

  • Czech: Ladislav Ciganek
  • Portuguese (Brazil): : Luiz Antonio Lobue
  • Spanish: Pablo Adan
  • Iberian Spanish: Jorge Ornelas


  • He is shown to appreciate the mastery of digging holes; even though Team Rocket stole from him, he was more preoccupied in thought by their professional digging skills.
  • Byron is also identical to Brock's father Flint as both men are the former Gym Leaders of their respective cities and passing the torch to their respective sons (Brock and Roark). Byron became the Gym Leader of Canalave City when he leaves Oreburgh City due to his love of digging fossils.
    • Brock also reminds Byron as his father Flint after Roark explains to them about his father and his departure to become a Gym Leader of Canalave City.


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