This Bronzong are two steel/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Byron.


Byron was going with Bronzong around Canalave City when the two encountered a Team Galactic grunt interrogating Mr. Berlitz and Professor Rowan, who became trapped in a cage.[1]

Byron used his two Bronzong to battle against Platinum and her Empoleon. After Empoleon used Aqua Jet on the two Bronzong, they retaliated with Payback, which successfully hit.[2] Seeing her father and Professor Rowan captured, Platinum assumed it was Byron who kidnapped them, and had her Ponyta emit an intense blast to defeat the two Bronzong.[1]

When Platinum announced she would protect Sinnoh from Team Galactic, Byron had Bronzong use Extrasensory. Platinum and Rapidash defended themselves from this attack, and Byron showed her father that she was already strong to take on the enemy.[3] Bronzong was with Byron, who was called by Candice, who yelled at him to give them a worthy opponent to train them, to face Team Galactic.[4]

When Charon attempted to escape, Byron, Mr. Berlitz, Professor Rowan and the Underground Man emerged from the underground. Byron's Bronzong held Charon, to interrogate him, but Charon emitted smoke and fled.[5]

Known moves

  • Using Payback


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