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This Buzzwole is a Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon that appeared in the anime. It's one of the Ultra Beasts.


Based on its nature, Buzzwole is described as a muscle brain Ultra Beast Pokémon, who is proud of its powerful muscular strength and likes to prove that its is the strongest one there, especially willingly to kill the bystanders by feeding its blood, such as almost killing Snorlax until the Ultra Guardians arrived to stop it. Because of Buzzwole's muscle brain nature, it is its very weaknesses, such as being distracted by anything related to muscle challenges, leading its lost.


Buzzwole was first seen when it came out from an Ultra Wormhole near Melemele Meadow and was surprised to see a foreign place, which caused it to flee from the area soon. It began challenging various Pokémon to a test of strength and defeated them. After flying for some time, it landed in a place close to a lake, where it saw its reflection in water and started flexing its muscles. It encountered Bewear and both of them tested their strength against each other, which resulted in a stalemate for both sides. When Bewear left their battle carrying Team Rocket with her, Buzzwole left to feed on a nearby Snorlax.

It encountered the Ultra Guardians' and battled against Ash's Pikachu and got the upperhand over it. It appeared close to Kiawe startling him and started flexing its muscles again, an act which was followed by Kiawe and soon by Ash and Pikachu. It was captured in a Beast Ball by Ash, who had used the distraction to his advantage. Later, it was sent out by Ash to return to its home through the Ultra Wormwhole which Burnet had opened, and it bid the heroes farewell before leaving.

Known moves

None of Buzzwole's moves are known.