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This Hitmontop is a Fighting-type Pokémon owned by Butch.


Hitmontop debuted in The Mystory Is History. Butch gave a headband invented by Professor Namba to him, which made Hitmontop angry. This allowed him to hone his skills and made him unstoppable until the headband stopped working. Hitmontop used this headband again in A Parent Trapped! and A Promise is a Promise, where he was used by Butch to battle Ash and Sparky as well as Jessie and James in order to stop them from taking back the captured Lugia.

Hitmontop appeared again in Showdown at the Oak Corral, where he battled against Professor Oak, Tracey, and Delia.

His last appearance was in Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl, where he went up against Gary's Umbreon and Crystal's Ivysaur in a failed attempt to capture a wild Aerodactyl.

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