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The Burned Tower in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

The Burned Tower in Pokémon Crystal.

The Burned Tower is a place in Ecruteak City in Johto that stands beside the Bell Tower. It is said that Lugia used to reside here before moving to the Whirl Islands.


Long ago, according to legends, Lugia made the Burned Tower its home. One day, however, a lightning bolt struck the tower and it caught fire. Lugia flew away and went to the Whirl Islands. However, three Pokémon were unable to escape and died in the tower. After the flames were put out, Ho-Oh appeared and revived the three deceased Pokémon as Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. After this, Ho-Oh flew away and went back to Tin Tower. Entei, Raikou, and Suicune made the Burned Tower its residence.


Floor 1F

HGSS 019 front.png HGSS 109 front.png HGSS 041 front.png HGSS 020 front.png HGSS 098 front.png HGSS 213 front.png
Rattata Koffing Zubat Raticate Krabby Shuckle

Floor B1F

HGSS 019 front.png HGSS 109 front.png HGSS 041 front.png HGSS 110 front.png HGSS 126 front.png
Rattata Koffing Zubat Weezing Magmar



Firebreather Ned

Firebreather Richard

Rival Silver

Trainer's Pokémon

Firebreather Ned: 2 Koffing, Growlithe

Firebreather Richard: Charmeleon

Rival Silver: Gastly, Zubat, Magnemite, Bayleef (if the player chose Totodile), Quilava (if the player chose Chikorita), Croconaw (if the player chose Cyndaquil)

In other languages

Burned Tower

Language Name
English Burned Tower
Spanish Torre Quemada
Italian Torre Bruciata
French Tour Cendrée
German Turmruine
Japanese やけたとう
Korean 불탄탑

Brass Tower

Language Name
English Brass Tower
Spanish Torre Latón
Italian Torre d'Ottone
French Tour de Cuivre
German Bronzeturm
Japanese かねのとう


  • Some people believed the Pokémon caught in the Burned Tower were a Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon. This suggestion is probably related to the Dance Theater and the Kimono Girls, who all own an Eevee evolution. Others believe that they were the last of ancient Pokémon that are now extinct.
  • While Ho-oh has feathers, Lugia does not and is known as the "Diving Pokémon". Some believe Lugia was badly burned when the tower caught fire and it dove into the ocean to douse the flames its body had taken. This could explain why Lugia has no feathers in comparison to Ho-oh, even though in some games it could apparently drop a feather known as the "Silver Wing".