This Stoutland is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by Burgundy.


During the Club Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town, Burgundy sent Stoutland to battle Ash and his Palpitoad. Stoutland took a hit from Palpitoad's Mud Shot and use Tackle on the latter. Stoutland used Thunder Fang on Palpitoad, which had no effect, due to Palpitoad being a Ground-type Pokémon. Instead, Burgundy has Stoutland used Ice Fang, which started to freeze Palpitoad, who freed itself by using Supersonic. Stoutland managed to Tackle Palpitoad and went to use Fire Fang. Instead, Palpitoad used Mud Shot on Stoutland's mouth, causing it to be unable to use Fire Fang and was defeated by the former's Hydro Pump attack.[1]

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