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This Dewott is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Burgundy.


As Oshawott

Dewott was introduced as an Oshawott and approximately two years in the past, it lost to Cilan's Pansage during a gym battle. This started Burgundy's hatred towards Cilan and the desire to defeat him.[1]

As Dewott

Dewott was the first Pokémon Burgundy sent out to battle Cilan, going up against Cilan's Dwebble. Dewott fired Water Gun, but Cilan's Dwebble managed to protect itself against the attack, including Deowtt's Fury Cutter. Dewott managed to fire Water Pulse, which badly wounded Dwebble, who did not faint, due to its Sturdy ability. Instead, Dwebble used Shell Smash and X-Scissor combination, negating Dewott's Razor Shell attack and defeating it.[1]

Upon arriving to Nimbasa Town to enter the Club Battle Tournament, the heroes encountered Burgundy and remembered Cilan's Dwebble battling her Dewott.[2]

Dewott and Excadrill are ready to battle.

Dewott negates Excadrill's attack, using its scalchop.

Burgundy sent Dewott to battle Iris' Excadrill in the Clubsplosion tournament.[3] Dewott used its new move Ice Beam, but Excadrill managed to negate the attack. Dewott fired Water Pulse, but Excadrill used Dig to dodge it. Even though Excadrill is underground, Dewott still managed to aim Water Pulse at the hole, hitting Excadrill and causing it to come out. It used Razor Shell but it was countered by Excadrill's Focus Blast. Using its scalchop, Dewott was able to block Excadrill's Drill Run before dodging. Dewott is also being resistant against Metal Claw and then it was able to use Revenge, a lot of power if the user takes damage. After their Razor Shell and Drill Run attacks were intercepted and Ice Beam was overpowered by Focus Blast, Dewott got knocked out after Excadrill used Dig and Drill Run.[4]

During his battle with Morana, Cilan remembered battling Burgundy and her Dewott.[5]

Burgundy and Dewott were seen in Best Wishes! ending theme.

Known moves

Improvised moves

Voice actors


  • Dewott's English voice actress is Lisa Ortiz, who also voices Ash's Oshawott.
  • Dewott is the only one of Burgundy's Pokémon who has been shown in more than one episode.