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Burgh is a character appearing in the Best Wishes! series, who is the Gym Leader of Castelia City in the Unova region.


Burgh is a young man, with green eyes and brown, curled hair. Burgh wears a green V-shirt, with short sleeves, as well as a white undershirt. Burgh also wears a red scarf, a brown belt with a butterfly-design buckle, pink pants with green stripes, dark socks and shoes matching his pants' color. Burgh also makes some poses, showing the world how a great artist he is.


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Season 14: Black & White

File:BW018 6.jpg

Burgh and Sewaddle meeting each other.

Burgh was first shown wrapped up in his green poncho and hanging on a rope to live like a forest Pokémon. Ash and Iris see this and were obviously surprised, before he unraveled and told them not to make too much noise. Burgh is also a fashion designing genius prodigy, but was having a hard time coming up with new ideas, so he claimed to have gone to the forest to find inspiration. During his stay, he also managed to befriend a Sewaddle. He also taught Ash and Iris about studying Pokémon and getting to know them before capturing them. Sewaddle managed to touch Burgh with its sensory knobs, but bashed Ash, after he tried to meet it. As they were taking a nap, Sewaddle went to eat some fruit. The fruit was eaten by a Woobat, who became angry and started attacking Sewaddle, whom Ash protected. After spending some time with the heroes, the group came onto the tree and slept there, where Burgh noticed Sewaddle has went into Ash's sleeping bag. The following day, Ash noticed Sewaddle was missing, thinking it went off with a Patrat. They followed Patrat to a cave, where another one was lying ill. Burgh managed to cure Patrat, then started searching for Sewaddle. Sewaddle was lying onto a Deerling and used String Shot on Ash's arm to be pulled towards him. A wind blew and made Sewaddle fall into the river. Ash went after Sewaddle, while Burgh sent Leavanny, who used String Shot to rescue them both. After seeing Sewaddle and Ash's bonding in front of the sunset, he got his latest inspiration and went back to his hometown to create new designs, waiting for Ash to arrive and challenge him.[1]

File:BW022 3.jpg

The group finds the entrance to the sewer.

Burgh met with the heroes in Castelia City, where he was investigating a case, in which many bug-type Pokémon were acting odd. Iris sensed something as well and pointed in a direction, which was the closed Casteliacone shop; however, Pikachu sensed something in the sewers. The heroes checked the sewers out, finding a Venipede stuck in one of the pipes. Ash, despite Burgh's warnings, pulled out Venipede, who even tackled Ash, even poisoning him. While Cilan managed to cure Ash's poison, Iris and Burgh were healing the Venipede. They soon saw horde of Venipede, who were running about in the sewers and used Screecj. Seeing Venipede have crawled the way out of the sewers onto the streets, Burgh and the heroes spoke with the mayor, proposing they could get the Venipede to the central park, where the Venipede wouldn't disturb anyone. The mayor allowed this and Burgh even asked for Nurse Joy to have Audino use Heal Pulse through the streets. Burgh noticed a large Venipede, suspecting it to be their leader and tried to get its attention. After Ash calmed down Trip (who started attacking the Venipede), Burgh played a flute to lure out the Venipede. Later on, with the help of the heroes and Trip, Burgh managed to get all the Venipede in the park. The heroes decided to go with Professor Juniper to the Desert Resort, while Burgh stayed at Castelia City.[2]

Season 15: BW Rival Destinies

After Ash's Swadloon evolved into a Leavanny, Ash remembered Burgh and his Leavanny, who could craft leafy clothes for Swaddle, whose "cloak" became ragged.[3]

Season 16: BW Adventures in Unova and Beyond

Ash remembered battling the Unova Gym Leaders, including Burgh, the night before he entered the Unova League.[4]


On hand

Pokémon Information
Burgh Leavanny.png
Burgh sent out his Leavanny in order to save Ash and Sewaddle from falling down a waterfall and later make a replacement leaf clothing for Sewaddle. In Battling for the Love of Bug-Types!, it easily defeated Ash's Swadloon and made the fight difficult for Pikachu by wrapping it in its String Shot. It wasn't until it used Leavanny's Leaf Storm to break free and then bombarded it with attacks.
Pokémon Information
Burgh Dwebble.png
Dwebble was the first Pokémon that Burgh chose to battle Ash in BW025. It defeated Ash's Tepig easily, but was knocked out by Ash's Sewaddle.
Pokémon Information
Burgh Whirlipede.png
Whirlipede was the second Pokémon that Burgh chose to battle Ash in BW025. It was defeated by Ash's newly evolved Swadloon after a tough Battle.

At Castelia Gym

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Pokémon Information
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When Ash, Iris and Cilan came to Castelia City Gym they saw Burgh feeding a Sewaddle.

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