This Spinarak is a bug/poison-type Pokémon owned by Bugsy.


Bugsy's Spinarak was the first Pokémon to battle Ash and his Cyndaquil. It used String Shot to affect Cyndaquil, but missed. Instead, Spinarak covered the whole field with the strings and slowed Cyndaquil down. Spinarak used Poison Sting and hit Cyndaquil. Just as Spinarak repeated its attack, Ash swapped Cyndaquil with Chikorita, despite the type advantage. Chikorita attacked with Vine Whip, though Spinarak used String Shot to evade and navigate itself among the trees. Spinarak launched Poison Sting, but got negated by Chikorita's Razor Leaf. To finish it, Chikorita used Sweet Scent, followed by Tackle on the Spinarak, which defeated it.[1]

Known moves


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