This Heracross is a bug/fighting-type Pokémon owned by Bugsy.


Bugsy sent Heracross to assist him and Gold in Ruins of Alph.[1]


Heracross battling against Suicune, while it's on the ceiling inside the Ruins of Alpha.

Continuing to study the ruins, Bugsy sent Heracross to attack some Unown and catch them. However, he also noticed a presence in the ruins, so he and Heracross went to investigate. They soon encountered a Suicune, who attacked Bugsy, whom Heracross protected. Thus, Bugsy's Heracross attacked Suicune with its horn, binding it to the ceiling. Bugsy threw a net to catch Suicune, who escaped.[2] The story was told by the Pokémon Association director, who believed Suicune would come to Mahogany Town.[3]

Bugsy came to the Indigo Plateau, where he and Heracross participated in the Gym Leaders' tournament.[4] Bugsy faced Sabrina and swapped his Scyther with his Heracross, who wounded Sabrina's Mr. Mime with Megahorn. Mr. Mime retaliated with Confusion, which Heracross endured. As it went to attack Mr. Mime, Heracross bumped into an invisible barrier, as Mr. Mime created an invisible room using force. Heracross went to use Take Down, but started using Endure, due to Mr. Mime's Encore. In the end, Heracross was easily defeated by Psybeam.[5] Crystal watched the battle between Sabrina and Bugsy; she learned the former's trick and used it in the Battle Frontier.[6]

Due to Team Rocket having infiltrated the Indigo Plateau, Bugsy and Heracross battled the grunts.[7] Along with other Gym Leaders, Bugsy went on the train and had Bugsy battle the Team Rocket grunts.[8]

Known moves

  • Using Endure


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