The Buddy System is a gameplay feature in Pokémon GO first introduced on September 10th, 2016. The system allows players to gather specific Pokémon candy by equipping them as a 'buddy'. Once equipped, players must walk a set distance in order to spawn candy.

Equipping a Buddy

To equip a buddy, navigate to the trainer menu and click the bottom right menu and select Buddy. Select your Pokémon. Their icon will appear above your trainer icon. As you walk, the colored circle around your Pokémon will slowly fill. Once the circle is filled, the player will be granted 1 Candy.

Pokémon who are members of Gyms or fainted cannot be equipped as a buddy. Partial walking progress will be lost if you unequip that Pokémon.


To earn candy, players must walk a specific amount of kilometers depending on the Pokémon equipped. Here is a list breakdown of distances required to generate candy.

1 km

3 km

5 km



  • If Pikachu is the buddy Pokémon, it will eventually sit on the player character's shoulder. This may be an intentional easter egg.
    • Eevee will sit on the shoulder automatically.
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