For other versions of Bisharp belonging to Bryony, see Bryony's Bisharp.

This Bisharp is a dark/steel-type Pokémon owned by Bryony.


Bryony sent Bisharp to intimidate Aliana and Mable, sending them back to their stations. Bryony also knocked out Celosia to put her to sleep and rest.[1]

Bryony sent Bisharp to stop the Gym Leaders' mission to stop the Ultimate Weapon from activating. Ramos had Gogoat use Horn Leech on Bisharp, countering its attacks. However, Bryony, seeing Tierno, Shauna and Trevor going off somewhere, she called Bisharp back, ending the fight, to pursue the children herself.[2] Seeing Y was still standing after the blast of the Ultimate Weapon, Bryony sent Bisharp to attack Y's Rhyhorn. After Y befriended Xerneas, it used Geomancy and Horn Leech combo to blast away the Team Flare grunts and Bryony.[3]

Bryony sent her Bisharp to battle Trevor and his Flabébé. Bisharp went to attack, but was countered by Flabébé's Petal Dance. As it went to make another attack, Bisharp was burned by X's Mega Charizard.[4] Bryony and Bisharp joined Aliana, as they intercepted Y.[5] As Trevpr was hiding, he accidentally stepped on a twig. This alerted Bisharp, who slashed the tree to get to Trevor. However, the attack was stopped by Croaky's Mat Block.[6] Bryony and Bisharp were looking for Trevor and found his shadow. Bisharp slashed it, revealing it to be a dummy, made from frubbles. Trevor, however, had Croaky and Floette fire Water Shuriken and Fairy Wind, which fused together and defeated Bryony and Bisharp.[7]

Known moves

None of Bisharp's moves are known.

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