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For the other variants of Cryogonal belonging to Brycen, see Brycen's Cryogonal.

This Cryogonal is an ice-type Pokémon owned by Brycen.


Cryogonal accompanied Brycen, who was at the Celestial Tower to meet up with the Gym Leaders.[1] When Brycen arrived with the other Gym Leaders at Nacrene City's museum, he sent Cryogonal to battle Team Plasma's Shadow Triad.[2] Cryogonal faced Larvesta, who used a Fire-type attack against its Ice-type attack. Cryogonal got hit, and evaporated. As the enemy was boasting, Cryogonal, who formed itself as a snow cloud, attacked Larvesta and bound it with ice chains. The other two opponents had their Basculin and Lilligant attack Cryogonal, who evaporated once more, and bound the enemy with the ice chains.[3]

Since the Gym Leaders lost the fight and were taken away, Brycen, who survived the outcome, took Black, who was unconscious, and went with Cryogonal away.[4] At Tubeline Bridge, wanted to train Black. His Cryogonal bound Black's leg with the ice chain, and asked of Black to free himself, by having his Bo destroy the chain, to pass the challenge. Black had Bo use Flamethrower on Cryogonal, but as the train passed by, Bo misfired. Black got his leg burnt, and after he got healed, Black noticed that the attack simply caused Cryogonal to evaporate and turn invisible. When Cryogonal reappeared, Bo became quite furious and continued attacking Cryogonal with Flamethrower. Black calmed Bo down, and had it use a Fighting-type attack instead: Hammer Arm, which dealt some damage to Cryogonal. As Bo repeated its attack, Cryogonal froze its arm, and even became a bit angry at Bo. Black finally deduced that Bo needed to strike the chain with a good amount of strength, to which Bo did and succeeded in shattering the ice chain.[5]

Brycen was waiting with his Beartic, Vanillish and Cryogonal in his Gym, and anticipated Black to challenge him to a Gym Battle.[6] Brycen and Black sent Cryogonal and Bo during their Gym Battle. As usual, Cryogonal went to hide itself, and bind Bo with its ice chain. However, due to Black's special training, Bo sensed its presence and shattered the chain. Slamming his fist, Bo crushed Cryogonal and defeated it.[7] Brycen and Cryogonal were at the Pokémon League, and went to find the missing Gym Leaders.[8]

Below the Pokémon League, Brycen sent Cryogonal, who emitted the ice chain to bind the Team Plasma sages. However, it nearly hit Hawes, who was held hostage, so Cryogonal stopped its attack.[9] When Brycen was released, he sent Cryogonal to battle the Team Plasma sages at the Pokémon League.[10]

Known moves

None of Cryogonal's moves are known.

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