Brutella (オババ Obaba) is a character in Pokémon: Indigo League.


Brutella is the owner of a restaurant, and the rival of fellow waiter Moe. After Ash, Misty and Brock crashed the boat, Moe had to pay Brutella the costs for the ship, though Brutella ordered him only one day. Seeing how he collected money, she ordered Team Rocket to sabotage the beauty Contest. However, she blasted off with them when the projectile hit her and the Gyarados submarine.

Later, her evil cousin Nastina crashes onto Brutella's newly rebuilt restaurant.

Episode appearances

Episode(s) Title(s)
TB018 Beauty and The Beach
TB019 Tentacool & Tentacruel


  • Brutella is not given an actual name in Japanese; she is simply referred to as a "hag".
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