For other variants of Onix belonging to Bruno, see Bruno's Onix.

This Onix is a rock/ground-type Pokémon owned by Bruno.


Bruno saved Ash, Misty and Brock from the large Onix, who chased them away. Team Rocket tried catching it and released missiles, but Onix chased them into a cave. The heroes sent Brock, Squirtle and Staryu to attack the giant Onix, who defeated all the Pokémon, as well as blasting Team Rocket, with just one hit. Onix started attacking the heroes and resisted Pikachu's Thunder Shock. Bruno saved them, then proceeded to talk to it. Since Onix was enraged, Bruno jumped on its head, causing Onix to hit itself with its tail. Bruno soon found out the problem and pulled out a Sandslash from Onix, calming it down and catching it.[1]

Known moves

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  • Bruno's Onix is the only one seen with scar-like markings on its head.


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