For other variants of Geodude belonging to Brock, see Brock's Geodude.

These Geodude are three rock/ground-type Pokémon owned by Brock.



Brock and his Pokémon, including Geodude, watched Red's battles inside Pewter City's Gym.[1]

Brock had his Geodude form a cirle around him, to help him in the search for Red.[2] Brock had his Geodude help him descend into a crater, where an ice sculpture, looking like Red, was located.[3] Hearing his hometown was attacked, Brock went with Geodude back to Pewter City.[4]

Brock sent Geodude to protect Pewter City from Machop, who tried to invade the location.[5] Brock had one of his Geodude protect a Kabuto, while the other three intercepted Machop with Double Edge.[6] With Lance's downfall, Brock and Geodude watched as the light from Yellow and Pika's Megavolt caused the area around the city to bloom with flowers, restoring it with life.[7]


Brock had his Geodude battle the Team Rocket grunts inside the train.[8][9] To stop the train, Brock had his Geodude use Magnitude. However, the impact of the attack was too low to stop the train.[10]

Known moves

  • Using Double-Edge
  • Using Magnitude

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