This Sceptile is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Brendan.


Sceptile was used during Brendan's infiltration of Team Magma's headquarters. Using Leaf Blade, Sceptile cut down any doors blocking the way. A Golbat tried to stop it but Sceptile grabbed it, attacked it at point blank range and threw it to the ground before continuing with Brendan behind it. A Mightyena attacked but Sceptile sent it flying with Leaf Blade. Mightyena struggled to get up but was defeated off-screen as Sceptile and Brendan reached Courtney. Despite Sceptile easily defeating all the previous Pokémon Team Magma threw at him, Courtney remained confident and sent out her Camerupt to engage the powerful Forest Pokémon.

Known moves

  • Using Leaf Blade
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